Jumpcut - Hazel CS

  • Jumpcut - Hazel CS

Jumpcut - Hazel CS

This Preorder will be available around June 30th

Jumpcut is "Michael Mahaffie is a documentary film editor who decided to try his hand at making music under the name Jump Cut. His upcoming debut album, Hazel, came together after a 10-year process of experimenting with sounds and his own voice as a writer of music, rather than as a documentarian.

Jump Cut’s music is heavily influenced by Jeff Rosenstock’s early work under his Bomb The Music Industry moniker, and it carries with it that DIY energy and punk rock grit."- Getalternative.com

Track Listing

  1. Playing With Knees (An Ode To Einstein On The Beach)
  2. Doing Laundry!
  3. 22-Fillmore
  4. Uncarded Sake Bombs
  5. About Last Night
  6. Cine-325
  7. Some Mistakes Of Moses
  8. Tennessee
  9. Helen Mr. Chin
  10. I Wanna Be a Cult Leader
  11. Footprints (Revised)
  12. Mahaffie's Inferno

Pressing Information

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