Smol Data - Inconvenience Store LP

  • Smol Data - Inconvenience Store LP

Smol Data - Inconvenience Store LP

Cassettes will be Available through Broken Camera Records on their Bandcamp and LimitedRun

Told through her own quirks and metaphors, Inconvenience Store is a breakout moment for Karah Goldstein, the mind and voice behind the melodramatic and creative Long Island-based project Smol Data.

Written and recorded entirely by Karah (she/her) with Billy Mannino (oso oso, Bigger Better Sun) on mastering, Inconvenience Store is a meta finger-point at the inner workings of an independent music scene, meant to be listened to as a whole, in order.

The album's first single "Emotional Labor Day," out today, is the perfect introduction to Smol Data's wild world; an ode to arguing with men, inspired equally by Mitski and Sleigh Bells.

Full Album released May 14th, 2021

Track Listing

  1. Dry Lightning
  2. Salaried (Bankruptcy Eve)
  3. Emotional Labor Day
  4. Tinceltown
  5. Cartoon Str8 Ppl
  6. Bitch Store
  7. Bagel Store
  8. Inconvenience Store
  9. Sword Store
  10. Last Call Indie Darlings

Pressing Information

Red With White Splatter /250